Colloquium on Economics at the IAAEU


Winter Semester 2014/15


In October, the winter semester colloquium season at the IAAEU will be beginning. The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6 PM to 7:30 PM in the Max Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th Floor).
All lectures are open to the public. 




28.10.2014 Heiner Schumacher (Universität Aarhus):  
  "Signaling Cooperation"                
25.11.2014 Marc Piopiunik (ifo Institut):

  "The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance"  
09.12.2014 Gerald Eisenkopf (Universität Konstanz):  
  "Behavioral Foundations of Conflict Resolution"  
13.01.2015 Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason University):

  "Richer (and Holier) than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution"
27.01.2015 Tanja Rabl (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern):  
  "The importance of organizations’ willingness to learn from age diversity for employee retention"  
03.02.2015 Michael Vlassopoulos (Universität Southampton):  
  "Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and Retirees"  
10.02.2015 Florian Neumeier (Universität Marburg):*  
  "Do Buisnessmen make Good Governors?"  


* along with the Colloquium for Economics at Trier University





Colloquium on Economics SS 2014

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